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We M/s Anand Surgical Industries (India) established in 1974, are one of the fast growing and fast improving company in the field of manufacturing and exporting Hospital Furniture and Equipment. Ever since our established, we have mastered in manufacturing Hospital furniture and equipment as per customer requirement and as per requirment of the day.

ICU Bed Hi-Lo Mechanical

O.T. Table Hydraulic

O.T. Light Ceiling Halogen Twin

Invalid Wheel Chair


Our products are supplied all over India to Government as well as Private Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Medical Colleges. We have been exporting our quality equipment manufacturing industry.

Hospital Beds

Five Functions Electric I.C.U Bed – Size 2120×1000 x460-720mm (L.W.H.) Approx. Function of Back rest, footrest, Hi.Lo. adjustment, forward tilting, backward tilting with Cable remote control. Epoxy powder coated bed frame, mounted on Luxury castors (2 with Brakes)... Read More

O.T. Table & Delivery Tables

O.T. Table Motorised C-Arm Compatible - Modern design electric operation table radio translucent top for use of c Arm image Intensifier such as general surgery and certain special surgical procedure etc. # Eccentric position table column and inter changeable head & leg... Read More

Examination Tables

Examination Couch - Overall Approx size : 187L x 51W x 81H. Adjustable backrest by gas spring system. Two sectional upholstered top. Provided with three drawers and three cabinets. Tray for B.P apparatus provided near head rest. Epoxy Powder Coated... Read More

Hospital Equipments

Surgical Cautery 400 Watts MFU - input voltage : 87-270v/AC current fuse 6Arnps. Output control All Digital and push switch control in all modes. Safety Features : unit construction According IEC-6060I-2-260601-1. Protection class-1 Unit type - CF, Output... Read More

Suction Machines

Suction Machine - M.S. Cabinet epoxy powder with SS top. Fitted with 1/2 H.P. electric motor with oil immersed vacuum pump. 2x1500ml glass graduated suction jars with rubber lids. Vacuum gauge vacuum control valve overflow cut off device. Power Indication... Read More

O.T Lights

O.T Light Ceiling Halogen Twin Model (7+4) - Main dome 28 + 7 Reflectors & Satelite dome 20 4 Reflectors. Each fitted with a special halogen bulb 24 V - 70 watts. Complete with low voltage unit auto cut. Movements Axial Angular & Radial. Read More

Anand Surgical Industries (India)

An ISO: 9001-2015 Certified, Mfg. of Surgix Suction Apparatus, Hospital Steel Furnitures, O.T. Lights$ O.T. Equipments